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Gedii – Programa

Reunião Anual 2019
Dia 1
16 Jan 2019
Dia 2
17 Jan 2019
Dia 3
18 Jan 2019

Workshop Y-GEDII


10h-12h: Theoretical Module
Speaker: Pedro Pereira Rodrigues
Moderator: Helena Tavares de Sousa

Topics (oral presentation and individual inquiry):
- Quality of a research question and proposed study (PICO + FINER)
- Study designs and levels of evidence
- Evaluation and interpretation guidelines for research articles
1. Adequacy of study design to the research question
2. Adequacy of methodology to study design
3. Adequacy of conclusions to the study
4. Identification of potential biases in the interpretation of results

12h-14h: Practical Module/ working groups with lunch buffet
Pedro Pereira Rodrigues | Y-GEDII | Tutors

- Presentation of research articles reporting studies with different designs
- Each group analyses one article supported by a tutor and an appropriate guideline

14h-15h30: Presentation of Results
Pedro Pereira Rodrigues | Y-GEDII | Tutors

- Presentations delivered by each work group
- Pedagogical quality and satisfaction survey

Advanced Course


Endoscopic surveillance in inflammatory colitis

  • Moderator: Isadora Rosa
  • Case: Joana Castela
  • State of the art: Paulo Freire, Portugal
  • Interventional endoscopy in IBD

  • Moderator: Susana Lopes
  • Case: Ana Luísa Lopes dos Santos
  • State of the art: Martin Goetz, Germany
  • Martin Goetz, Germany

    Monitoring IBD with ultrasound

  • Moderator: Francisco Portela
  • Case: Margarida Ferreira
  • State of the art: Giovanni Maconi, Italy
  • Giovanni Maconi, Italy

    Open Session

    Luís Correia | Paula Ministro

    Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

    Moderator: Luís Correia
    • Reactive approach
    • Uri Kopylov, Israel
    • Proactive approach
    • Filip Baert, Belgium
    Uri Kopylov, Israel
    Filip Baert, Belgium

    Guided Poster Visit

    Lidia Ramos | Marta Salgado | Bruno Arroja

    Out of the box thinking

    Moderator: Paula Ministro
    • Biomarkers
    • Fernando Magro, Portugal
    • Tight control
    • Jonas Halfvarson, Sweden
    Fernando Magro
    Jonas Halfvarson, Sweden

    Clinical Cases

    Alexandre Duarte | Helena Tavares | Samuel Fernandes

    Best Poster Presentations

    Ana Rego | Raquel Gonçalves | Henrique Morna

    Oral Presentations

    Eunice Trindade | Paula Moura dos Santos | Jaime Ramos


    Moderator: Jaime Ramos
    • Human Microbiome Project
    • Hera Vlamakis, United Kingdom
    Hera Vlamakis, United Kingdom

    Guided Poster Visit

    Lídia Ramos | Marta Salgado | Bruno Arroja

    Biosimilars, Switch and Multi-Switch

    Moderator: Luís Correia
    • Overview
    • João Gonçalves
      Round Table: Paula Ministro | João Gonçalves | João Paulo Cruz | Ana Filipa Martins


    Moderators: Fernando Magro | Ana Vieira
    • New molecules
    • Edouard Louis, Belgium
    • S1P agonist
    • Bruce Sands, USA
    • Jak inhibitors
    • Alessandro Armuzzi, Italy
    • IL23 blockers
    • Matthieu Allez, France
    • Conference: Integrating new molecules in new algorithms
    • Bruce Sands, USA
    Matthieu Allez, France
    Alessandro Armuzzi, Italy
    Bruce Sands, USA
    Edouard Louis, Belgium

    Awards Ceremony

    Luís Correia | Francisco Portela | João Pereira da Silva

    Closing Remarks

    Luís Correia | Francisco Portela