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Workshop Y-GEDII

16 Jan 2019
10:00 - 15:30

Workshop Y-GEDII


10h-12h: Theoretical Module
Speaker: Pedro Pereira Rodrigues
Moderator: Helena Tavares de Sousa

Topics (oral presentation and individual inquiry):
– Quality of a research question and proposed study (PICO + FINER)
–  Study designs and levels of evidence
–  Evaluation and interpretation guidelines for research articles
1. Adequacy of study design to the research question
2. Adequacy of methodology to study design
3. Adequacy of conclusions to the study
4. Identification of potential biases in the interpretation of results

12h-14h: Practical Module/ working groups with lunch buffet
Pedro Pereira Rodrigues | Y-GEDII | Tutors

– Presentation of research articles reporting studies with different designs
– Each group analyses one article supported by a tutor and an appropriate guideline

14h-15h30: Presentation of Results
Pedro Pereira Rodrigues | Y-GEDII | Tutors

– Presentations delivered by each work group
– Pedagogical quality and satisfaction survey