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Edouard Louis, Belgium

Edouard Louis, Belgium


Edouard Louis was born in Belgium, on April 1st 1965. He
obtained the title of Medical Doctor with Magna cum laude in June
1990, at the state university of Liège, Belgium. Part of his training in
Gastroenterology, was done at the Oxford University, UK (1994-
1995). He graduated in June 1996 as a specialist in Gastroenterology.
Edouard Louis obtained his Ph.D. in 1996, as a fellow of the National
Funds for Scientific Research of Belgium (FNRS), with a work on
gastrointestinal immunization with soluble antigens. He obtained his
“aggregation” for University teaching in 1999 with a work on the
characterisation and genetics of immuno-inflammatory reaction in
Crohn’s disease. Edouard Louis was promoted associate Professor of
Gastroenterology at Liège University in October 2002 and Senior

Research Associate at the National Funds for Scientific Research of
Belgium (FNRS) in October 2005. He has been Professor of
Gastroenterology and Head of the Gastroenterology department at
Liège University hospital since October 2010. His Scientific work
contributed to more than 250 papers in international journals. He
has been member of several gastroenterological associations and is
currently vice-president of the GETAID.

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